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About the FABLAB Student Ambassador Program

Using your donations, we identify a select group of High School Seniors to work with the FABLAB in implementing our educational programs.  These FABLAB Student Ambassadors help to run the FABLAB including teaching students how to use our programs and equipment to digitally design and follow the engineering process.  These FABLAB Student Ambassadors work two weeks of Summer Camp and are rewarded with a $1000 scholarship.

2019-2020 FABLAB Student Ambassadors:

Scott Beebe Jr.         Alyssa Bowman

Andrea Ross            Christian Patton

Araya Watson           Caroline Tran

Emily Angle               Kody Mitchell

Hunter Jones            Micheal Ressel

Clay Westfaul           Victor Thorne

Neal Fuller                 


2017-2018 FABLAB Student Ambassadors:

Brad Farabee MGCCC               Chad Callegari MSU

James Tackett USA                     Logan Callegari MGCCC           

Raven Beebe MGCCC                Taylor Barnes UCF

Wesley Browning MSU                Scott Beebe Jr. (SMHS)

2018-2019 FABLAB Student Ambassadors:

Victoria Balius MSU               Cameron Bissett MGCCC                       

Madeline Lee MSU                Robert Lock USM                             

Joshua Stewart MSU            Lilian Weaver (MGCCC)

Scott Beebe Jr. (SMHS)

Stationary Lab is Now Open!

We are currently in the process of booking visits to our stationary FABLAB! This will bring even more opportunities to people of Jackson County. Check our calendar for available dates and pricing information.